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Adjustment Benefits

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♦ Think of a scale. Your everyday stress and bad postural habits are on one side and are well overloaded. You need to do adjustments to change the memory of that abnormal postural habit. You add stress to the one side of the scale daily, so you have to overload the correction side. That's why you need 2 to 3 adjustments per week, exercises, etc. to balance it out. Without enough adjustments, you stay where you're at.

♦ If your wheel is out of alignment in your car, do you think the axle and bearing will start to wear out and grind faster than the other ones? Well, the same thing happens to the joints in your spine. They degenerate (wear out, grind, break down, get arthritic) and nerve damage results. How well do you think you'll function then? (play golf, tennis, run, bike, ect...)

♦ Subluxations are silent. You do not feel the nerve interference. You feel the tissue damage after enough has been created. This is different for everyone based on their symptom threshold.

♦ Do you feel cancer, arthritis or heart disease building inside of you? People get these and don't know it. You don't feel subluxations either - they are silent killers of the tissue cells. Therefore, you can not gauge your health by your symptoms. If you want optimum health potential, you need to be subluxations free.

♦ What if you stay subluxated? What do you think will happen? How will you be in the next 5-10 years? Do you think you'll be doing the things you like to do or suffering from damage and degeneration and arthritis?

♦ If you choke the nerve by a subluxation, do you think the organ will be healthier or more sick? (What about the next year, next five years, next ten years?) If you cut a nerve to an organ, do you think it will live or die?

♦ Do you want your nerve channels open or closed? What if you cut off the water to a plant by stepping on the hose? What if you put a rubber band on your finger and left it there? What will happen to your finger?

♦ It is real important you keep consistent with your adjustments. What do you think will happen if you miss adjustments? Missing adjustments is like missing a brick in your foundation when you are building a house. The more you miss, the weaker the foundation. The more consistent you are, the more stable. To change the nerve memory you need consistent input with adjustments and exercise.

♦ You always perform better when you are in alignment. You are more prone to injury if you are subluxated.

♦ If you use Chiropractic correctly, it will work well for you. Like using a fork - you can't eat soup with it; but, when used correctly, it is a great tool.

♦ Remember, this is not a program for symptom management, it is designed for structural correction.